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May Day/Beltane/Birthday -- Late Spring celebration!

OK, here's the deal: For the last few birthdays, I haven't felt much like celebrating. Blame it on the Bush years, the fact that I felt my age catching up with me, or whatever.

But this year we have a new president. Sure, he's not everything we might want him to be, but he's a decided improvement. And he's sane.

In the spirit of solidarity that I have expressed in several posts in this LJ, I would like to celebrate Labour Day as workers around the world celebrate it. We may not throw a parade, but we will sit around the table, eat well, tell each other tales of struggle and of victory, keep each other company and lift each other's spirits. And for many religions, the beginning of May is the start of a sacred season of celebration and feasting, love and fellowship.

Mara's birthday is in late April; mine's in early May. We both have far too many friends we don't see enough of. What more reason do we need to throw a party?

So, the details:

If you can see this post, you're invited. If you want to come and don't have my address, follow this link for more information and directions to the house. Also, please leave a comment here or drop a note to (mayday at gigdrag dot net) to let us know how many of you are coming.

The main body of the party will be on Saturday the 2nd of May, 2009, from about 3pm until we don't want to party any more.

I invite people of a leftist and/or labour-friendly bent to come to the house the previous night, Friday the 1st, and tell stories and share their experiences with Labour Day in other countries, if they have them. Anybody who wants to stay over on Friday night is welcome to do so, provided they are willing to help the housemates and me set up for the Saturday party. I expect the Friday night gathering will be smallish (10-12 people at most), but am willing to be surprised.

On Saturday people are encouraged to show up any time after noon if they are willing to help set up; there will be general milling around and conversation. Folks who don't want to help set up should arrive after 3pm; we'll keep going as long as people want to stay, but Cindy will go to bed around midnight and we should probably keep the noise down after then.

On Sunday, of course, there is a BayCon meeting. Those of you on BayCon staff are welcome to carpool with us to the meeting; we can whomp up breakfast to fortify us for the ordeal. Those who want to stay behind and help the housemates clean up will be forever blessed and your names will be honoured in the House of the Holy Donut.

Presents are emphatically not required; I'm at the age where more stuff is a nuisance rather than a pleasure. Bring me a good story or a heartfelt hug.

Go now, bring your friends who are also our friends (and even a few new folks you think we'd like), and be excellent to one another.

[identity profile] ungelic-is-us.livejournal.com 2009-03-23 05:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Ooooh! Can I cook something? Something tasty?

[identity profile] karlht.livejournal.com 2009-03-25 01:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Of course! One can hardly have a party without tasty comestibles. What did you have in mind?