Job update

Feb. 17th, 2005 06:26 pm
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They went with the other guy.

Turns out maybe I was right to be afraid to want it this much.

I'm sure it's a sign, but of what I don't know.

I've turned off comments on this entry for the moment, because I think I'll just crack wide open if I get expressions of sympathy. I may re-enable them later.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your good thoughts and vibes.

On edit: Comments now re-enabled. Thanks for your patience.
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I have seen my perfect job.

I want this. I want this with a passion I didn't think I had anymore.

I am asking you, my friends and loved ones, pray, light a candle, think good thoughts, cross your fingers and toes, wear your lucky hat, do whatever it is you need to get your groove-tastic connection going.

And vibe these folks to Kalamazoo and back. Because I'd be good at this. And I would work harder at it than I've worked at anything in my life, except my marriage.

It's scary for me to write about something I want this much; I'm always afraid I'll jinx it. But I can't live my life being at the mercy of the corporate job-masters anymore ... and I want to contribute something, fight back in a positive way. Love is the answer, it always has been. And wasn't I just talking about what I wanted to do?

Think good thoughts for me. I've applied and had my application acknowledged; it's in the hands of the two principals of the outfit now.
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Researching nonprofit tech positions tonight -- no navel-gazing. I might even try sleeping. Hey, there's a novel concept.
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A piece of advice for small businesses outsourcing their IT to consultants: If you have a consultant who is doing the job better, MUCH cheaper, and faster than the previous one ...

... don't nickel-and-dime him on the bills. It's the fastest way in the world to get yourself tagged with the 'troublesome client' label. And if your business is dependent on those machines being up and staying up, you really don't want that label.

One would think this would be common sense. One would be wrong.