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Naps taken: 2.
Friends seen: 4.
Productive thoughts about interesting problems: a whole bunch.
Incidents of anxiety, anger or raised voices: 0.
Snuggles given and received: lots.

More like this, please.

Happy New Year, folks. Thank you, each and every one of you, for your friendship and your love. Last year was a rough one, and this one will probably be even rougher. Let's do what we can to keep one another out of the Slough of Despond, eh?
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12 days to load-in for BayCon 2010 -- here are my basic tasks:

  • Import dealers list

  • Verify Programming Division's import of the Guest list

  • Email out to +1s, asking for names

  • Obtain and import Artists list

  • Test badge printer [DONE]

  • Transfer database to at-con server laptop

  • Find and kill that last client bug

  • Test clients to make sure they still work

  • Report final pre-reg figures to Chairman at meeting tomorrow

  • Make sure we have enough sheet labels to print pre-reg badges

  • Print proof sheets for pre-reg badges

  • Mail PDFs of proof sheets to Programming, Dealers, and Art Show, and have HR verify the Staff proof sheet

Well, that's a start -- when I get home from running around today, I need to organise those by deadline, and make up a plan.

Strangely enough, my posting volume here doesn't correlate with how frantic I am, so you lucky people may get the play-by-play as I prepare for my last BayCon before The Great Sabbatical.

Take care of each other, you lot. I'll be around and about.
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I was given T by [livejournal.com profile] cindywrites. Thus, in alphabetical order:

Talmud: Thank you to the old Hebrews for realising that it's important for interpretation to evolve while parts of the text stay fixed.

tenderness: One form of the principle by which I try to live my life: Don't be mean. Pretend that other people are just as vulnerable in their soft spots as you are.

throat: My uvula is swollen this morning, and it's a spooky feeling, like I'm going to choke on part of my own body. Truly weird and discomfiting.

toenails: As much as Bull Durham is filled with cliches, the toenail-painting scene is a wonderful and mischievous look at sensual love and gratification delayed and redirected.

together: I fear that our society is going to have to rediscover what the word 'solidarity' means, before we can make any more progress.

touch: So important, so twisted by people who want to turn it all into sex or all into sin. Comfort and safety.

travel: I'm getting to be too old to tour Europe for a month with nothing but a backpack. But I still want to do it.

treasure: Too much of the noun, not enough of the verb.

Turkey: o/~ Istanbul, was Constantinople, now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople ... o/~

turtle: Sometimes I want to pull my head in and just wait until it's all over. But turtles also always remind me of [livejournal.com profile] alterjess, and joy from unexpected places.

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