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Holy Mother, where did all of this energy come from? I've made the most serious run at our kitchen that I've attempted in months, and put a huge dent in the Laundry Monster.

Don't get me wrong, the upside of the roller-coaster has its advantages, but if there's a crash coming, I had better hold on for dear life. This isn't just spring fever; it's an unholy combination of work stress, shifting relationships, oncoming BayCon, and the stupid cocktail of drugs that keeps me breathing as normally as I can, given 40 years of asthma and related ailments.

Not in a place where I can write deliberately or even particularly coherently, but I wanted to capture the moment so that if there /is/ a crash following, I can make an approximation of the timetable.

I am profoundly uncomfortable with the notion of trying to map my own neurochemistry at nearly forty-five years of age. But if that's what it takes, that's what it takes.
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Yes, I know I'm late to this party. I hope I'm at least fashionable.

This is mostly a placeholder post to get me past the New Notebook terror.

But I'm here, and I have Plans. They may or may not be Nefarious Plans.

I hope that all of you have had a Blessed Beltane, or whatever "the sun has finally come out and the blood is flowing again" holiday is celebrated in your tradition and locale. Mine has been pretty incredible.

More content later, I hope; I'm dashing out the door to get to work.

I leave you with an aphorism which is probably not original to me:

Love and kindness are not the same thing, but cultivating one usually leads to more of the other. Both of them are utterly necessary for healthy human beings and healthy human environments, and they both lead to that wonderful, radical place where all human beings are members of the same great family.

Be good to each other, folks, and go with my love and blessing upon you.

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